Rust-free stainless steel strips

Stainless steel is slitted. We produce an extensive range of dimensions and edge finishes in all qualities of stainless steel on numerous strip machines, using cold- and hot-rolled wide strips (stainless steel coils). To guarantee consistent quality and peak precision, cutter assembly is supported by fully-automated, patented PCRS 20 cutter assembly robots and automated ASS 100 separator systems that are constructed and produced by NLT Automation GmbH - another Glave Gruppe company. These two in-house developments not only guarantee a consistently high standard of quality but also high production speed, as up to 3 cutting tools can be pre-assembled for the subsequent jobs in a very short time. Furthermore we provide a safe working environment for our staff in this way, as physical intervention is reduced to a minimum.

  • Stainless steel
0.3 - 8.5 mm
4.0 - 1 700 mm
  • DIN EN ISO 9445-2:2010 on agreement
  • Differing thickness and tolerances on request
Coil weights: 
0.5 - 17.0 kg/mm
Inner diamenter: 
305 mm
406 mm
508 mm
610 mm
Outer diameter: 
max. 2 000 mm
Edge finish: 
Surface protection: 
  • Paper intermediary layer
  • Deep draw or protective film
  • Laser film