Rust-free precision stainless steel strips

Precision strip produced on special rollers. We manufacture using precision strips of selected stainless steel qualities, soft ferritic, austenitic and martensitic material, plus hard-strengthened, e. g. 1,430 1 / 1,431 0, according to your requirements, in various dimensions and edge finishes. This is possible not only through the use of our modern strip units but also the in-house, patented NLT Automation GmbH developments that belong to the Glave Group – as does Norder Band AG.

So for example the PCRS 20 cutter assembly robot ensures that the tight tolerances can be achieved using an optimal cut in combination with the lowest cutting burr. With the software-controlled, workpiece-optimised PCRS 20 system, not only is the highest possible repeated precision achieved but also longer tool life due to smaller grinding intervals. We can provide these benefits through fast delivery times, and optimum pricing through lower production costs.

Keyfacts concerning Rust-free precision stainless steel strips

0.10 – 2.00mm
4 – 1,250mm
differing thickness and tolerances on demand
DIN EN ISO 9445-1:2010 on demand
Coil weights
0.50 – 16.00kg/mm
Inner diameter
305mm, 406mm, 508mm
Edge finish
gk - Cut edge
sak - chase rounded edge
Surface protection
Paper intermediary layer
Deep draw or protective film

May also be ordered as bars or sheets. Please enquire.