Oscillated coils

We provide the largest capability in coiled finishes in Europe. These are achieved using multiple separator coiling machines, on which up to 20 coils can be wound at once. With the oscillating multiple coiling technology, the strip can be coiled in running lengths of several metres, unlike conventionally produced coils. This means that a significantly higher productivity rate can be reached on your machines due to the reduced need to change coils. The few welding points in them are marked in color.

Coiled strips are supplied in various dimensions and edge finishes according to your requirements.

Keyfacts concerning Oscillated coils

Stainless steel
0.10 – 4.00mm
4 – 60mm
differing thickness and tolerances on demand
DIN EN ISO 9445-2:2010 on demand
Inner diameter
127mm, 305mm, 406mm, 508mm, on demand
Outer diameter
max. 1,200mm
Edge finish
gk - Cut edge
sak - chase rounded edge
wak - roll rounded edge
sk - special edge