Rust-free stainless steel bars

Slit strips made of rust-free stainless steel are straightened and lengthened on our bar straightening units to produce bar or sheet steel to DIN or EN standard. We offer a wide range of dimensions and edge finishes.

Furthermore we provide the option of surface protection with a film or paper intermediate layer. Individual stamping of the bars guarantees clear identification and quality control. Take advantage of our variety and flexibility.

Keyfacts concerning Rust-free stainless steel bars

Stainless steel
0.50 – 8.50mm
8 – 200mm
500 – 6,000mm
differing thickness and tolerances on demand
DIN EN ISO 9445-2:2010 on demand
Edge finish
bk - sharp edge rolled
gk - Cut edge
sak - chase rounded edge
wak - roll rounded edge
Surface protection
Paper intermediary layer
Deep draw or protective film
Laser film
Single rod marking