Edge finishing

Depending on the finish and the dimensions, the cut edges of the stainless steel strips can be mechanically processed either in a procedure on our long parts machine or subsequently on our special rounding and rolling machines.

The following edge finishes are available depending on the dimensions and material:

Key facts concerning Edge finishing

Stainless steel
0.10 – 6.00 mm
4 – 300 mm
Differing thickness and tolerances on demand
DIN EN ISO 9445-2:2010 on demand
Edge finish*
bk – sharp edge rolled - similarly to DIN 174 - for “Stulpenband”
gk – Cut edge
sak – chase rounded edge
wak – roll rounded edge
special edge
Surface protection
Paper intermediary layer
Deep draw or protective film
Laser film

* Attention, the availability of the diffenrent edges depends on the requested thickness and width. So please ask us if the requested edge is feasible in combination with your demand.