Our philosophy

Corporate guiding principle

Because of our modern company set-up and openness to innovation, we are also conscious of our tradition and are committed to adherence to ethical values and a Christian concept of humanity. We offer our staff, customers, suppliers and interested parties an open and partner-like way of doing business, plus reliability and long-term, close collaboration.

The working atmosphere is harmonious. Through the freedom to operate with an awareness of responsibility, we aim to bring to our employees a high degree of satisfaction and strong identification with their tasks and with our business. This identification of the employees with the company, its goals and its self-conception is the basis for lasting collaboration. Every staff member works autonomously and cooperates with his/her colleagues. A good team divides up the work fairly, according to qualification and volume. Through motivation and self-confidence the employees demonstrate great readiness to perform in their everyday activities. Company targets are jointly developed and implemented with competence, commitment and receptiveness.

We support and encourage voluntary work by our staff. Donations are made from the Glave Group sponsorship programs for personal commitment to a charitable organisation during spare time. In this way the staff provide not only their time through the voluntary activity, but also help provide local associations with an amount of money that is paid out as a donation. This activity is part of what we do in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Under the slogan “Out and about together”, events are regularly organised that reinforce the pronounced feeling of belonging and trusting collaboration between the company managers and the employees, plus the staff’s ways of dealing with one another. For example a walk across the mudflats to Norderney and various trips to facilities have been arranged.