Glave Group´s Chronicle

About the Glave Group

The first company of the Glave Group was established in the beginning of the eighties. In 1983 Volker Glave decided to not only come to Norden for vacation but to move from the Ruhr area to East Frisia. A new company was started: the Norder Band AG.

To this day Norder Band is the first and only stainless steel service-centre in East Frisia.

Norder Band AG slits stainless steel coils according to customer’s specification. We provide: Coils in many different steel grades, with different material surfaces and a wide range of material thicknesses. We process these coils on slitting lines and cut-to-length lines accurately to dimension and just-in-time.

Innovative strength, flexibility and the preparedness to individually respond to customer wishes have contributed to continuos growth and made us one of the biggest independent service-centres in Europe.

Norder Band AG is the biggest company of the Glave Group, which consists of five affiliated companies. In total  approx. 300 members of staff work for you in Norden.

On 10 cutting lines stainless steel coils are cut accurately to size. In addition 15 other machines are used for sheet and bar production, for surface and edge treatment, for strainhardening or levelling as well as for spooling or automated packaging.

Already in 1995 several patents were granted, opening the way for design and production of special machinery, in particular robots for automated cutting tools assembly. In this specific market segment the affiliated company, NLT Automation GmbH, is in the top range in the global market.

Since the beginning of 2007 we started using the specifically for Norder Band AG developed software NBS, produced by another company of the Glave Group: NORICS GmbH, the training and IT system house for the group.