The world of stainless steel - our world!

our stock In 1983, almost 70 years after stainless steel was patented, Volker Glave founded NB Norder Bandstahl GmbH. Since then we have grown into one of the largest and most modern service centres for stain­less steel processing in Europe. Every year we dispatch more than 80 000 to of stainless steel to our domestic and inter­national customers from our site in Norden, East Friesland, which comprises 56 000 m². With our modern machinery and perfectly synchronised manu­facturing processes, we produce rust-free, corrosion- and acid-resistant strip steel in the form of:

We supply “just in time” and will

  • strip
  • cross-cut
  • straighten
  • grind
  • brush
  • chase
  • coil
  • round off

the chosen material for you. Besides standard dimensions, almost every other dimension is also possible.

More than 12 000 to tonnes of primary materials (ferritic, martensitic, austenitic - cold- and hot-rolled) are available in the form of wide strips. Precision strips with very tight tolerances are also included in our scope of delivery.

As we work with a product management system (NBS) developed in-house, we are able to precisely reproduce any commercial and industrial process. This enables us to adjust the production status at any point to ensure you are always kept supplied in good time. You can find out more about our unrivalled technical capabilities here:

Our readiness to specifically meet customers’ needs has made us one of the most flexible service centres in Europe. In total 307 staff work in the Glave Group in Norden for you; of these, 58 belong to the Norder Band AG team.